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Dear customers,

Welcome to our new Customer & Distributor Support Portal! 


This re-designed information tool offers you a more convenient access to information needed in your daily routine. Its structure has been tailoured for better convenience and ease of use. The navigation is simple and easy to follow, being no different than finding a document on your own personal computer. 

With this new portal, you will have access 

·       to the Package Inserts for all our products, sorted by product line and language.

·       to the Certificates of Analyses are also listed first by product line and secondly by language.

·       to the current Cross-Reactivity Guides for both the CEDIA and the DRI Drugs of Abuse assays

·       to the current Product Catalogues for Drug Testing and MAS Quality Controls and, finally,

·       to our Literature Lists for DAT, TDM, Quality Controls & Clinical Chemistry

Of course, this database is a living, breathing thing. Information currently missing can be added or changed at any time. So please feel free to provide us with your input and suggestions. 

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If you do not have a login to our Customer & Distributor Portal yet please send an email with an access request to your Thermo Fisher Scientific sales representative. Thank you!

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